Why Not All Silent Wall Clock Are Created Equal

Have you ever noticed how much more productive people are when they have something to focus on? In order to remove distractions, you need to have a clock that is visually present. It can be a desk clock or computer screen. It just needs to let people know what time it is without them having to ask.

Some businesses are transforming their offices and boosting productivity by adding quiet sweep wall clocks that don’t distract employees but instead provide helpful time-keeping tools in areas of the office where others might not realize they need one.

One man who has noticed this is Tom Tull, a president of the Josten’s corporation. “We’ve been trying to figure out where to put our receptionist,” Tom said.

“She does so much behind the scenes stuff, like keeping track of our appointments, and she’s very patient but she’s often asked to help keep everything running smoothly. We knew we needed some way for her to keep track of time in case we need her help for any reason.”

Tom also wanted his employees to be able to easily tell the time at their desks without interrupting him or one another. He thought that a silent wall clock was overkill and found his solution in the quiet sweep wall clock.

What is a silent sweep clock?

Depending on the style of clock, it may be located above or below your workspace. It’s also possible that it may simply be a digital read-out in your office.

Think of it as a secondary clock so you can tell what time it is without having to look at the wall clock in the main office, and without needing another one for your home office.

“I like that idea,” Tom said. “But I was looking for something with an analog face as well.”

“When we think about clocks in other offices and businesses, we don’t think about them being quite so quiet,” Tom said. “But these quiet sweep clocks are much quieter than some of the ones I’ve seen in other offices.”

The quiet sweep wall clock is also useful for reminding people when they have meetings, or that a team member needs to be somewhere.

One of the most important ways a silent sweep clock can help your business is by preventing distractions. If you’re being interrupted by another piece of technology, or if there is a safety hazard present, it’s important that you take note of the time. It can easily become out of sync with everybody else’s watches and cell phones as well as additional noise in your office.

“I don’t have to holler when I want them to hurry up,” Tom said with a chuckle.

What does quiet sweep mean?

Among other things, quiet sweep means no ticking or movement. The inner parts of the clock, such as the gears and springs, are sealed, so that nothing can make noise. This ensures your workplace is completely quiet with no ticking or moving parts to distract you from what you’re doing.

There are three types of silent sweep clocks sold by Josten’s: analog and digital.

The analog model resembles something like an old-school clock face, with hands on a dial reading easily from the top to bottom in Arabic numerals .

The digital model looks more like a computer screen, displaying numbers along with a dot that’s always at the top right quarter of the screen .

Which wall clocks are silent?

Josten’s has quiet sweep models for both wall clocks and desk clocks.

The silent wall clock is easy to install and doesn’t require any tools, so you can have it up and running quickly. The silent sweep digital wall clock requires a nine-volt battery to be installed.

This clock is designed for smaller offices and can attach to the front of your screen, ruining your view if it’s placed in an area where you might wish to look at the screen. If you’re looking at a computer monitor, consult with your IT department before putting up the unit so they can help you get it working properly.

The silent sweep desk clock is for areas where you want to have access to the time without looking at the wall clock, such as where you’re working on your computer.

The hands pivot quietly in a way that lets you know what time it is without disturbing anybody else.

This clock has two adjustable legs so that it can be positioned perfectly wherever you need it.

If you prefer a more subtle look, there is an optional frosted glass cover for this model which will hide the clock face from view and let only the hands be seen.

If someone needs to know what time it is, they can easily move their gaze over the top of your monitor or away from the screen if they’re on a laptop .

Josten’s quiet sweep clocks allow you to have one that matches the aesthetics of your office. Not only will it show your employees the exact time, but it’ll also help you keep track of responsibilities.

This is a creative way for people to know when they need to get something done and keep themselves on task. It may sound like an unnecessary thing, but there are many benefits available for those who adopt silent sweep clocks in their business. So don’t be afraid to go with a quiet sweep type of clock in your office. It doesn’t take much effort or expense and can make all the difference