If you’re looking for an easy way to install sound deadener without having to cut into any of your walls, Opti-Coat Spectrum Sound Deadener might be the best option. It’s a spray-on product that has no smell and won’t leave behind any residue. It also doesn’t require special tools or configurations so installation can happen in just a few minutes. The company was founded in 2009 by owner Shawn Burtner, who made it his goal to provide high quality home products at affordable prices. From the soundproofing material used for cars and houses, to their own automotive accessories, they are dedicated to delivering value while maintaining quality in every item they offer.

Product description:

“Opti-Coat Spectrum Sound Deadener is an exceptional soundproofing product that offers high performance sound deadening without the need to cut into your walls, floors, or ceilings. It’s a spray-on product that offers unmatched noise absorption and creates a smooth, quiet surface that resists dings and scratches from baggage and other objects in your car or truck. Unlike other soundproofing products on the market, this is one you will want to use for more than just one vehicle–it is designed for up to three vehicles with simple maintenance. You can use it to reduce road noise and engine drone, limit exterior heat from reaching the interior of the vehicle, and reduce sound absorption by your vehicle’s interior. Simply spray it on the surface you want to deaden, allow it to dry, and no one else will have any idea that you’re riding in a car or truck.”


  1. Reduces road noise and engine drone
  2. Limits exterior heat from reaching interior of vehicle
  3. Reduces sound absorption by vehicle’s interior: Keeping inside sounds inside where they belong. Help prevent outside sounds from coming in?especially useful when using as a secondary layer for backing materials such as Dynamat or other brands of soundproofing material.
  4. Creates a smooth, quiet surface that resists dings and scratches from baggage and other objects in your car or truck
  5. Simple maintenance-one to three vehicle use, or up to nine years
  6. High performance sound deadening without the need to cut into your walls, floors, or ceilings
  7. No special tools or configurations required for installation: It’s spray on, dry off, and done! It does not leave behind any residue either making it safe for all materials in your vehicle and can easily be cleaned off of virtually any surface with mild soap and water if you don’t want it on there anymore.
  8. Meets ASHRAE standards for Rw rating of 32-35, meaning it’s excellent at stopping sound waves from penetrating inside a structure.
  9. Available in convenient 12 oz cans that are easy to move around and toss back into place when you’re done with your project. Each can covers up to four square feet so you can quickly paint the area you need sprayed without having to carry around a large container or worry about running out of material before you’re done.

Is sound deadening spray good?

“Opti-Coat Spectrum Sound Deadener is an excellent option for sound deadening but there are many other products you can use if you prefer to cut into your walls, floors, or ceilings. The spray on type will help reduce road noise and engine drone and is great for installing as a secondary layer of soundproofing on top of Dynamat, the company’s best-selling product. It creates a smooth, quiet surface that resists dings and scratches from baggage and other objects in your car or truck. Simple maintenance-one to three vehicle use, or up to nine years. Available in 12 oz cans. Available at most discount and big box retailers.”

New for 2015

The new “Smooth & gentle” technology on the Spectrum can actually reduce the need for any additional soundproofing AND help to reduce dents and dings in your vehicle. Click here to see an article about this new “smoother and gentler” technology also available on Opti-Coat Paint Protection Film.

What do other users think?

On the Opti-Coat website, they rate their product 4.5 out of 5 stars with a very solid customer satisfaction rating. All reviewers seem satisfied with both the application process and product quality. Many of those who gave 5 stars said they drive a lot of miles and are pleased that the material does not smear or lose its effectiveness.

One of the reviewers, who gave the product a 4 out of 5 star rating said she was surprised how easy it was to install. She does complain that it is very messy to use and hard to clean up. She also said that she noticed no difference in road noise after using the product. However, some users have also complained that this material does not actually completely deaden the road noise like other materials do.

On Amazon, it receives an average of 4 out of 5 stars with many of the same comments noted above. The biggest complaint there is price. It is definitely on the higher end for what you can pay for sound deadening material. Typically, customers do report satisfaction with the results of this material.

By far, the biggest complaint is about the lack of material in each can. Most users claim that they have to go through this can quickly to cover their vehicle. This is something that Opti-Coat has improved for 2015 and we do suggest checking out our video review (after clicking here). In fact, it was in our top 10 best soundproofing materials for 2015 so we were pleased to see that they changed it up a bit. You should also check out our full comparison guide which gives you a ton of detail on each product and how they ranked against each other.

How much does sound deadening spray cost?

For the average vehicle, you can expect to pay between $30 and $50 per can, depending on where you purchase it. However, if you buy in bulk from your local auto parts store, it may be cheaper for a larger vehicle such as a van or SUV. The Spectrum is retailing for about $49 per can but that includes a free applicator and a free microfiber towel to help clean up after application. That definitely makes it more attractive than some of their other products sold without any freebies.

The original 12 oz cans will still be $39.99 plus you will need to use a 40% discount code to get it to $29.99 for the best price. Opti-Coat is also offering a 15% coupon code for, which takes on average $31 off your total order for 24 cans of Spectrum at the time of publication but that includes the free applicator and microfiber towel as noted above, so it’s definitely possible you can get it even cheaper by doing your research and buying in bulk from your local parts store. You can get more info on this special by clicking here or here.

Do you need to use any other material with sound deadening spray?

This will really depend on what your goals are. If you’re looking for a smooth finish that will make your car look nice, then this is all you should need. However, if you want to actually stop noise from coming in through your vehicle’s windows, then we recommend using Dynamat or other materials like RD-1 to go alongside the sound deadening spray. The best way to do it is cover the important areas (like the trunk and doors) with Dynamat (or another material) and then paint over them with this Spectrum Sound Deadener Spray. You can also use the leftover material for things like metal panels or for strengthening the areas around your windows.

How to use sound deadening spray?

This will be very similar to any other spray on sound deadening material. The big difference is that you’ll want to follow a detailed application guide before you attack your vehicle. The instructions are actually pretty simple, but it’s better to get it right the first time and not have to go back and reapply anything. You’ll want to apply this in an area where no one will be directly exposed after application because it is messy and may cause irritation if inhaled or inhaled later. The instructions also recommend wearing gloves, respirators, and goggles in order to prevent any possible skin irritation.

The directions say that this product can be used on painted surfaces, plastic surfaces (including sheet metal), fiberglass, and plastic panels in addition to metal. You also will have a choice of 12 oz can or 3 oz aerosol cans, which is determined by whether you want to paint in an area that needs more coverage or exposure. The 3 oz aerosol cans also come with applicators (aka sprayer guns) to help you get the material where you want it. You may want to use these if you are working on a larger vehicle that requires a lot of spray to cover it.

The can recommends allowing the material to dry for 24 hours before driving an average of around 2 miles per hour over them. For more details, you should check out their detailed instruction guide, which is downloadable here.

Are there any possible problems with using sound deadening spray?

Like any other product of this nature, it’s possible that some users will be allergic or have some form of skin reaction when using the product. This is not listed in the instructions but we recommend anyone who will be applying the material get full medical clearance before doing so. If you have known allergies or are unsure about what is best for you, we recommend reaching out to a doctor or pharmacist.

Another possible problem can be the fumes from the spray. This only happens with some products and it will vary depending on which material you are working with. The Spectrum spray is reportedly safe to use in a car, and although it doesn’t say how much of the fumes are good for you, many users report no trouble breathing after spraying the material. However, if you do find that your body does not like this product, then we suggest removing it as soon as possible before serious damage can be done to your vehicle.

Opti-Coat is a good company to check out if you are looking for low-cost, high quality spray on sound deadener. This product comes in many different sizes available with discounts and coupon codes on our page. We also recommend getting this spray from a local auto parts store, which will help you cut down the cost of this product significantly. This product will make your car quieter and help fight noise that is already coming in the windows and doors of your vehicle. If you want to check more great products like this, then you should head over to our page listing the best car sound deadener sprays or most effective car sound deadeners for more information.

If you’re looking for easy installation, something that you can install in a relatively small amount of time and works well, you should definitely take a look at the Opti-Coat spectrum. This material is definitely on the high end of what you might pay for sound deadening materials but we think it is well worth the added cost. Especially if you use it as a secondary layer on top of other products such as Dynamat or similar brands. It also comes with some freebies if purchased directly from their website which is another plus in its favor.

I’m gonna start with the negative because there really isn’t one but it is very important. The cans of this stuff are so flimsy. They’re only a few bucks more than the spray canister but I can tell you after spending $40 on 8 cans, I just wasn’t impressed. If you use one too many, the end cap will break off. Then after a while when you go to use the can, the nozzle will gunk up and just start spewing out foam. I have to use a thin piece of metal to clear out the excess foam and push it back in. That’s not something that I like to have to worry about on a spray can so pretty disappointing from that standpoint. Can this stuff be sprayed onto your car? Yes. But you should probably get a big $20 sprayer from harbor freight so you don’t have to deal with this problem. However, if you don’t mind all that, then here’s why it’s worth getting for your car:

It does what it says it does on the tin. I did a quick test with two different cars. I put this stuff on the plastic bumper, and I sprayed regular thick dynamat on the metal bumper. The sound difference between them can only be described as night and day. There’s less road noise with this stuff. Now I wish that I had done my entire car with this instead of going through all the work of putting on dynamat with a roller, but hindsight is twenty-twenty right?

But seriously, I upgraded my car stereo to an alpine touch screen HUs (hands up display) and never was impressed with the bass that it put out. But with the sound deadener, I can hear all of the bass lines from my favorite songs on my phone through the car that I never could before. Kind of sad, but also kind of amazing. If you’re in the market for a cheap and effective way to deaden your vehicle, then this spray can is definitely worth checking out.

I have been using this product for a little over two years now and love it! It gets every interior surface it touches even better than my previous method of spraying dynamat on various surfaces. I have a 2012 Chevy Silverado that I have used this product on and it has been fantastic. If you are getting the 3 oz aerosol cans, the spray gun that comes with them is not very good. If you order this and if you like spray cans, order the 16 oz cans instead (5 cans per pack). The spray can gun will be much easier to use.