Everybody knows how annoying it can be when you’re trying to watch your favorite show late at night and someone in the apartment below is blasting music with their speakers on high. Who wouldn’t want to experience that annoyance? A lot of people, actually.

The next time you hear the person below you cranking up his stereo after 10pm, try not causing a fight by informing them of their violation of sound ordinances in your area, but instead doing something about it. Learn how much soundproofing will cost!

This post is meant for those who are looking for an affordable way to address excessive noise from downstairs neighbors and other sources. It’s also for those who are considering building a new home in an area where there are no ordinances banning unreasonable noise levels. Please see the resources at the bottom of the page for more detailed information about soundproofing. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

The costs of soundproofing depend on many factors including how much noise you’re trying to stop, what kind of material you’re using, how high up you need it located, etc. One measurement you’ll want to keep in mind is “R-Value. “R-Value” is a measure of thermal insulating power. The higher the R-Value, the less soundproofing you’ll need. Soundproofing products are rated R-13, R-19, etc.

Soundproofing Basics

The first step to understanding how much soundproofing will cost, is understanding what you’re trying to stop and where it’s coming from. There are 2 main types of sound: airborne and structure borne. Airborne noise travels through the air and can be stopped by insulation or curtains around windows and doors that block the path of the sound waves. Structure borne noise travels through walls, floors and ceilings.

The most common structure borne noise is bass. Bass frequencies travel further through the ground than higher frequencies, which means that it’s even possible to hear music coming from next door in an adjacent apartment building. There are two ways to stop sound that travels through the structure of your home or apartment – one would be to remove the source of the bass, which in this case is the stereo equipment itself. If this is not an option, you can place soundproofing materials on each side of your wall or ceiling to absorb the energy of the sound wave before it reaches you. The thicker and heavier these materials are, the more they will absorb.

Can you make a room completely soundproof?

No. Not even with soundproofing products. You can make a room less noisy, but it will never be completely silent. If you’re concerned about soundproofing and want to make sure you get the best products to use, please contact us and we can send someone out to measure your apartment to determine how much soundproofing you’ll need and what products would be best to use.

Is soundproofing a wall expensive?

Sometimes. If you live in an area where no soundproofing ordinances exist, your next best option is to contact a local soundproofing specialist and have them install soundproofing materials on each side of your wall. When you’re dealing with large amounts of bass, it can be expensive to remove the source of the noise and install soundproofing.

How much is soundproofing foam?

Soundproof insulation products are usually wall mounted by soundproofing specialists. They can be pricey, especially if you need to remove the source of the noise before soundproofing. You should consider purchasing soundproofing materials from a local home improvement store or an online company. The larger the area you’re trying to stop, the more soundproofing products you’ll want to purchase at once.

How much is soundproofing tile?

Sound-absorbent foam tiles are also sold in many home improvement stores and online companies including Amazon. They come in sheets of various thicknesses each with a different R-value rating which means how much they absorb sound waves. This rating is usually printed on the tile sheet or has a number on it that you can look up.

What about soundproofing for noisy neighbors?

When soundproofing a neighbor’s apartment, the R-value rating of all products used in your apartment must be greater than the rating of your neighbor’s apartment’s flooring. In this case, “flooring” means what you stand on – carpet, linoleum or wood flooring. You can use any soundproofing materials to solve this problem since there are no ordinances regarding excessive noise in all areas of the world where people live.

How much is soundproofing an apartment?

As mentioned before, the cost of soundproofing your apartment will depend on many factors including how much bass noise your neighbors are making. We cannot say exactly how much soundproofing you’ll need because there are too many variables. One way to approximate the price of your job is to contact a local soundproofing company like SoundControl and have them come out to your home or apartment and measure how much extra R-Value foam or other types of soundproofing products you’ll need to make your walls sound-resistant. Then you can fill out an estimate form and send it to them with a check or credit card number.

What is soundproofing R13?

R-value 13 is the minimum amount of soundproofing you’ll want to consider for common traffic noise. If your neighbors are making excessive amounts of “bass” noise, but your walls are not affected, you may be able to afford to use less than R-13.

What is soundproofing R19?

R19 is an R-value range that most people agree on. It’s the minimum amount of soundproofing you want for your walls if there are no ordinances about excessive noise in your area.

I don’t want to soundproof my walls. What can I do?

If you live in an apartment or condo, you’re probably thinking that you don’t want to soundproof the walls of your apartment. That’s fine! You can try attaining free soundproofing for your apartment if your landlord agrees to it. There are several ways to accomplish this through your local landlord or property manager. One way is to include an additional rental cost in the contract for renters. Another way is to offer a free soundproofing upgrade of the walls, windows or ceilings in exchange for extending the lease.

How much does it cost to soundproof a room for drums?

Drums can produce loud low frequencies that can get through walls easily. If you’re concerned, you will need to get the soundproofing materials installed on either side of your walls. If you plan to get rid of your drum set or take it into another room, the easiest solution is to get the soundproofing materials installed before you decide what to do with your drums. If using different sizes, thicknesses and type of sound-absorbing material doesn’t work out for you, contact a professional soundproofing specialist like SoundControl.

How much does it cost to install bass traps in my home?

Bass traps are the most common form of acoustic treatment used in homes for noise reduction purposes. They are usually inexpensive and easy to install. You can also install reflective materials like Mylar, or other reflective materials for less than $20.

How much does it cost to soundproof a construction site?

If you’re planning on building a new structure in an area that already has construction sites near it, you will want to get bass traps installed throughout your new construction site. It’s also suggested that you get R-Value 13 soundproofing installed on the new structure.

Soundproofing cost per square foot?

What is the average cost of soundproofing per square foot?

It varies depending on the size of your home, apartment, etc. For smaller rooms like bedrooms, soundproofing costs about $2 per square foot. Soundproofing costs more per square foot for larger living spaces like living or family rooms.

What is the average cost to soundproof a room for traffic noise?

The answer depends on a few different factors including what materials you want to use and how many walls you want to sound-proof. We can’t give you an exact price for this job because there are too many variables to consider. However, SoundControl’s soundproofing professionals can give you an estimate over the phone after they come to your home or apartment and measure your walls. They will make sure you get the highest quality soundproofing possible for the best price.

What is the average cost of soundproofing a duplex?

The average cost of having duplexes or condos sound-insulated is roughly $1,600 per duplex, depending on size and complexity. Out of the $1,600, the soundproofing material costs $1,000 to $2,000. The installation costs an extra $200. This doesn’t include protection orders for your neighbors in accordance to the maximum decibel levels in your area.

How much does it cost to soundproof an office?

The average cost depending on size and complexity is between $250 – $350 per square foot depending on the type of room you are trying to make sound-resistant. It usually depends on how much noise is coming through your walls and how important it is that they not be heard by others in your office building (such as if you’re a doctor).

What is the average price for soundproofing a house?

The average price range is between $1,000 – $2,000 per room to reduce noise. This includes measurements, consultation and measurements on site. After the room is measured the material cost will be determined.

How much does it cost to soundproof a conference room?

Soundproofing a conference room depends on how many people use it and what kind of noise is coming through your walls. A small conference table with three chairs may only need $700 in soundproofing while a larger table with 10 chairs may need $2,500 in materials to be fully sound-resistant.

What is the average cost to soundproof a home theater room?

The average cost of soundproofing a home theater is $500 – $1000. It depends on the size and complexity of your home theater. If you want it 100% silent, you should plan to spend an additional $1,000 – $3,000.

What is the average cost to soundproof a baby’s room?

Soundproofing baby’s rooms depends on how well they sleep and what kind of noise they’re exposed to in their environment. It can be difficult to soundproof a baby’s room because of the amount of noise they’re exposed to. It’s usually best to consult a professional if you’re thinking about soundproofing a baby’s room.

What is the average cost to soundproof a bedroom?

The average cost depends on what kind of noise is coming through your walls. It can also vary depending on whether you want your bedroom completely silent, or just partially so as not to disturb other family members in other rooms.

Is it worth soundproofing a room?

Yes. Soundproofing a room is worth it if you need to make the room quieter. Whether it’s for business or pleasure such as studying or watching television, if you need extra quiet you will benefit from soundproofing your room.

Soundproofing can be an expensive process. You should use this guide to help guide your decisions to get the best soundproofing possible for your room’s specific needs. There are many factors that will change the price of soundproofing so it’s best to get a quote from a professional contractor.

Many people purchase soundproofing materials because they want to shut out noise from a neighbor, a baby crying in the next room, or some other situation that causes unwanted noise in their home. Soundproofing is usually used on entire rooms or on just one wall depending on what you want to achieve with your room.