A New Way to Think About Soundless Wall Clock

We recently got our hands on an innovative soundless wall clock which has completely revolutionized the way we think about time.

The Soundless Wall Clock is made up of brightly designed hands that project onto your bedroom ceiling, like your average projector.

The hands move around just like they would on a regular clock, with the only difference being that you don’t hear any ticking noise. What makes this clock such a great innovation, however, is its ability to display the time in any language.

After experimenting with this soundless wall clock for a few days, we found that it was very difficult to forget the time because all we had to do was look at the hands.

So if you’re having trouble remembering time and need some help doing so, we highly recommend giving this soundless wall clock a try. It’s the perfect way to check the time, and best of all, it doesn’t even make a sound!

As an added bonus, we’ve included photos that display how this clock works. By seeing these pictures you will be able to gather a better understanding of how to use this revolutionary product.

Which wall clocks are silent?

As we all know, almost all wall clocks make a ticking noise when moving. Most tick loudly and distinctly. The sound of a ticking clock is not very pleasant and doesn’t make for a good sleeping environment. But there are silent models designed for this purpose, so you can have your silence back.

You can either get one of these silent clock mechanisms on your wall or buy one of the designed to be placed on your table or desk.

These clocks are made of plastic so they are easy to handle and resist common scratches.

The idea of a silent clock is to make the ticking sound of the hands less annoying, not totally eliminating it.

The best silent wall clock models are usually made with wood, which is more resistant to scratches.

They are usually preferred by people who are sensitive to the ticking of ticking clocks.

Although wood usually makes for a nice looking clock, one of these silent mechanisms can be quite expensive. So if you’re on a tight budget, choose one of the plastic models instead.

What about electric clocks?

One common misconception that many people have of electronic clocks is that they do not make any noise. This is far from true.

Indeed, electric clocks are notoriously annoying when they tick for too long without stopping.

Although it’s hard to find an electric clock that doesn’t tick, it is possible to find one that lacks the annoying rattling loudness.

You will most likely have to look for this feature on your stove or microwave, although some models are made with silence in mind.

If you want to buy an electronic clock without its usual sound, you need to know what makes your wall clocks tick.

The bottom line is that many brands of electric clocks do make noise so it is worth checking if this model features a higher or lower level of noise.

You can buy electronic clocks with the sound turned off or on.

If you don’t fancy an electronic clock, there are other options available.

What about kitchen timers?

If the ticking of your wall clocks annoys you enough to buy one of the silent models, then you should look into purchasing a kitchen timer instead.

Kitchen timers are made to help people prepare meals for their family. They can also be used to help you get ready for work or school in the morning.

Like most devices of this kind, they usually make some noise while working; however, they are often silent when not in use.

What kind of clock does not tick?

If you’re looking for a clock that does not tick, then you can find them on the internet.

These clocks are usually made of wood, one of the most resistant materials to scratching.

They are also usually more expensive than other types of clocks. As you can imagine, this is hard to justify if they don’t tick.

Clock types

Clocks come in many shapes and sizes. The type of clock you choose may be determined by the purpose it will serve.

The most common types of clocks are wall clocks, alarm clocks, table clocks, mantel clocks and fountain pens, although there are many others like cuckoo clock or pendulum clock.

If you’re looking for a table or wall clock then you should make sure to take measurements of the wall where the clock is going to hang; this way you can choose an appropriate size. The same goes for if you want to buy a mantel or cuckoo clock; choosing the right size is vital.

How do I silence my wall clock?

It may sound odd but there are some people who are bothered by the ticking of the clock.

As much as it is true that you can get rid of the annoying noise, it is also true that you can’t be sure if it will stop.

The best way to silence your wall clock is to buy a silent wall clock, which won’t make ticking noises in the first place.

If you cannot afford one of these silent clocks, then taking an old alarm clock and shoving its battery into another device will do. This way you will be able to trick your brain into thinking that the original alarm has stopped ringing. It may not be the most attractive way to deal with this problem but it is definitely an effective one.

If none of these ideas are useful for you, then take a look at the other options available to you online. There are many sites that can help you solve this annoying problem without having to spend any money.

Unfortunately, there is no other way to stop your wall clock from ticking. You can either find a solution or learn to adapt.

Another option would be to hang two clocks on the same wall; one that ticks and another that doesn’t, which should allow you to forget about the ticking noise. This is known as the ‘double-faced clock’.

If you don’t want to go through such a difficult process, then you can buy one of the silent wall clocks designed for this purpose.

There are some people who prefer not to hear their clocks ticking and there is no reason why they shouldn’t; some people like nature; others like silence. So if you also suffer from this problem, don’t be ashamed to agree with them and find a solution that suits you.