The Honda Pilot is a family-oriented SUV that seats up to 7 passengers. With an excellent safety record, it has many features that make it a good choice for a family vehicle. One of the interesting features on offer is the option of choosing “Quiet Tire” tires with tread designed to minimize road noise and vibrations.

The Pilot’s innovative “quiet” tires reduces road noise and vibration, delivering a smoother ride for the passengers. It also improves safety because it can help prevent accidents by allowing the driver to hear and react more quickly.

Why choose quiet tires?

According to the experts at, quiet tires are great because they reduce tire noise, improve handling and make your car less prone to rollover during rough weather. This means you get:

Reduced road noise and better hearing for the driver – quiet tires are designed with rubber compounds that reduce road noise and vibration levels (excluding those made by Michelin).

  • Quieter Environment – less noise means you can enjoy a peaceful drive with no distractions.
  • Better Handling – Quiet Tires are designed to handle differently from traditional tires. They offer more stability during cornering and prevents the fishtailing that occurs when travelling over rough surfaces.
  • Improved responsiveness – Quiet tires gives you a better sense of the road surface and alerts you in advance if any rocks or potholes are approaching. This allows you to react much quicker and help prevent accidents . Quiet Tire technology is specifically designed to improve handling, reduce rolling resistance and minimize vibrations while maintaining tire toughness .

What causes tire noise?

It can come from either under-inflation or overinflation, but mostly from those hard bumps in the road we all experience from time to time. Under-inflation produces more noise because the sidewall flexes more. That means you feel a bump – and the driver hears it too, not to mention everyone else in the car. Over-inflation also produces more noise and vibration since it causes the tread to flex more than necessary as well.

Is Quiet Tire technology safe?

Quiet tires are designed specifically for passenger vehicles – not for trucks or cars made for handling competitions. As such, quiet tires are also driveable on regular roads and have been tested by Honda to meet all AS/NZS Standards for safety. While this is the case, it should be noted that these tires are not recommended for vehicles used for off-road purposes.

Which model Quiet Tires for Honda Pilot?

Honda Pilot comes with a number of tire options. To figure out which ones are Quiet Tire models, simply check the sidewall for additional text stating “Quiet Tire Technology.” Here are some examples:

If you don’t see any extra text on your tires, they are not quiet tires and do not have a special tread compound as described above. This means you will generally get more road noise and may be more likely to fishtail on rough roads compared to traditional tires.

What’s the best way to take care of my Quiet Tires?

Don’t let the tread wear down too much. It should be normal for your tires to lose about ¼” of tread depth every month, but it can be as little as 1/8″ or even less. This will eventually make your car harder to control – especially in wet weather conditions. To prevent this, regularly check your tire life by looking for the wear bars inside each tire: they should be black on all 4 tires and increase from side-to-side in between.

What tires do Honda Pilots come with?

Most of the Honda Pilots sold in the United States come with Michelin Primacy MXM4 235/65R18 102H. Michelin has been one of the leading tire brands for years and has always been considered a top brand for quiet tires.

While it is an innovative and effective brand, not all quiet tires are made by Michelin. For example, Goodyear QuietTred and Bridgestone Quiet Ride are good brands for less expensive quiet tires.

QuietTred is a brand manufactured by Goodyear. They are made to reduce noise and vibration while maintaining good handling in all weather conditions. They cost less than other tire brands, but don’t offer the same level of stability in bad weather conditions.

Quiet Ride is another name for Bridgestone’s Quiet Run tire technology.

Best brand of tires for honda pilot?

Honda Pilot comes standard with Michelin tires. Michelin has been one of the leading tire brands for years and has always been considered a top brand for quiet tires.

If you’re looking for an economical option, Goodyear QuietTred and Bridgestone Quiet Ride are good brands for less expensive quiet tires.

I heard that it is safe to drive on noisy tires? Is this true?

Making noise is not a sign of danger. The only real cause for concern is when you can hear a continuous noise coming from your tire(s). If you hear this type of noise, then your car needs to be checked immediately as there could be something wrong with the wheel.

Michelin defender honda pilot?

Defender is a series of Honda vehicles that debuted in 1982. It is a large station wagon (Honda Pilot is also the name for this type of vehicle), which was produced by Honda from 1982-2005. From 1982-1992, this model was sold as the Honda Legend. From 1993-1995 it was sold as the Honda Accord Wagon, and from 1996-2005 it was once again sold as the Honda Legend wagon.

Michelin defender costs around $350-$450 per tire. They are good tires that are made to last for many years but they do not have QuietTred technology which means you will get more road noise than other tires in their class and they do not handle well in wet or snow conditions.

If you are concerned about noise levels and how they affect your car, we suggest you check out our Quiet Tire Technology page. Here you’ll find more information about the best tires on the market – quiet tires.

Hope you found this article on Honda Pilot tires to be beneficial and useful when it comes time to purchase new tires for your Honda. Also, if you have any experience with the above tires or other Pilot tires, feel free to leave a comment in the section below. Thank you!