Insights Your Quiet Wall Clock No Ticking Sound Needs to Know

Would you like your home to be more peaceful and less noisy?

Maybe you’re not happy with the loud ticking sound of your old fashioned wall clock.

Do you want a relaxing, soothing sound to replace the noise inside your home?

Consider replacing that ticking sound with one of these six quieter, silent alternatives.

Since they don’t tick or require batteries, they will never wake up the family during nap-time. There’s also no risk of an alarm going off while everyone is asleep. And while these clocks are just as accurate as their analog counterparts, they’re actually much more affordable!

In addition, all these clocks have been energy efficient. All but one have an energy saving night light feature as well as a feature that allows them to wake gently and not start clocking until you’re all up and about and ready to go.

So if your family is tired of listening to the ticking of their old fashioned wall clock, consider trying one or more of these silent alternatives instead!

Note: If you do choose any of the six quiet wall clocks featured here, please make sure you purchase at least one with a backlight (for those who like the hard-to-see time).

I’ve included a handy list of features below.  

1.       Silent-Light Digital Clock with Motion Sensor

The first clock on our list has the feature of being energy efficient, which some are not. This one also has a very convenient motion sensor so you’ll never have to worry about keeping the lights on again! It’s affordable too! 

2.       Silent-Light Digital Alarm Clock

This quiet wall clock is perfect for getting up in the morning, but it’s also great for napping during the day or for anytime you’d like some extra lighting in your home. Additionally, it has a backlight too to help you see the time in the dark.

3.       Silent-Digital Alarm Clock with Night Light

This next clock has a night light to help you see the time in the dark and, again, saves energy energy by not switching on immediately when you flip open its lid.

4.       Silent-Digital Alarm Clock with Voice Alarm

This clock is very affordable at under $13, yet it has all of the features of one that would cost over $20! It’s great for getting up, but also for napping or just need some extra light in your bedroom or living room during the day.

5.       Silent-Ticking Wall Clock with Light

This next clock is a little more expensive than the others, but it has all the features you want in a silent wall clock. It’s an elegant way to add light and sound to your home without waking up your whole family during nap time.

6.       Silent-Digital Flip Alarm Clock

The final clock on our list is a convenient way to get up in the morning, play white noise while you nap at night, or for any other time you need some extra light or sound inside your home. 

All of these clocks are currently under $20.00, which is an affordable price for the features these clocks offer. 

 How do I make my ticking clock quieter?

If you’d like to learn how to make your ticking wall clock quieter, there are a few steps you can take.

First, check to see if your clock needs a new battery. If it still isn’t quiet after changing the battery, there’s a chance that the motor is broken and needs to be replaced. 

For this fix, it will be best if you hire a professional since they’ll have the tools necessary to loosen the hands on your clock before removing and replacing the motor. A professional will also be able to reattach the movement and hands of your clock for a seamless look.

It’ll cost between $50 and $80 to fix the motor on your clock. This figure includes having the hands re-attached as well as repairing any damage caused by your initial attempt to make your clock quieter. 

Which wall clocks are silent?

Before buying a clock, you should check to see if it’s silent or not. Generally, these clocks are all silent because they don’t have the traditional ticking sound of an old fashioned wall clock. Here are some features you should look for in the clocks that you buy:

The ability to choose between having the clock run continuously or turning it off at night if desired. The option of using the backlight feature when needed (especially when waking up in the middle of the night). A remote control (especially if sleeping in another room).

Frequently Asked Questions 

Below are some frequently asked questions regarding silent wall clocks. If you have additional questions or comments about these clocks, please feel free to leave them below…

Q: Do I need a special battery for my clock?

It depends. All of the clocks on this list will still work with a normal battery since they don’t have a traditional movement. However, all but one will come with a remote control, which needs a special battery. 

Q: Can I change the time/date on these clocks?

Yes, since they’re digital they’re easily adjustable. Some even let you set the clock to automatically update itself with your local time and date! 

Q: Will all of these clocks keep time correctly?

Yes! For some reason many people think that if their clock doesn’t tick that it’ll never keep time correctly. This just isn’t true. Digital clocks are incredibly accurate and if you do purchase an analog clock with a digital mechanism, it’ll be just as accurate as a regular clock. 

Q: Will any of these quiet clocks wake me up in the morning?

Some will and some won’t, depending on how you set them. All but one of these six clocks have a wake up option of some kind. 

Also, some can be set to gently increase in volume while others can be set to start at full volume.

Q: What battery does my quiet wall clock take?

All but one of the watches on this list use regular “D” batteries. This means that you can purchase a set of batteries for about $1 each. This might be a little more expensive than normal, but it is still very affordable. 

Q: What’s the difference between a digital clock and an analog one?

Analog  has a traditional “tick-tock” sound mechanism inside it which  works by using gears to rotate the hands on the clock face very quickly. In contrast, digital clocks lack this mechanism and instead rely on pseudo-random algorithms to provide the same time with every power-on/off-and-when you turn it on or off (or when using its time control features). 

 Non ticking wall clock target?

Although many places sell wall clocks, I’d recommend that you buy yours online because it’ll be much cheaper. Also, if you buy online, you can shop around for the quietest clock.

However, if you wish to purchase your clock at Target or Costco, they also carry some very nice silent wall clocks. 

It’s important to note that not all of these clocks are quiet. The first three on our list are traditional “ticking” ones and they aren’t recommended at all for napping or for anyone who has trouble sleeping with background noises/sounds. 

If shopping at either of these stores , be sure to read the reviews first before purchasing your clock. This way, you can avoid getting a ticking wall clock which you’ll need to return. 

Who needs a silent clock?

If you live in an apartment with thin walls or if you live close to your neighbor’s home, it might be best to get a silent wall clock.