We all enjoy an afternoon in the park whether it be to escape the hustle and bustle of city life or to imbibe in nature’s beauty. With our portable, insulated walls, you can also enjoy that experience indoors.

Our sustainable, eco-friendly collapsible panels are not only strong enough to withstand up to 200 kilograms of pressure per panel but they are also surprisingly affordable! So next time you want a break from your workplace or school classroom, just roll out our panels and enjoy an indoor picnic. You’ll never want to go back!
One of the most common uses for our portable insulated walls is to divide an open-plan office into smaller more functional work spaces. This not only reduces all that noise distracting you from getting work done but it also gives your employees more privacy.
Our panels are also used by leading health care providers. You may have seen some of our panels being used at your local hospital or medical clinic to help give patients privacy during their stay while also ensuring they are always in contact with their loved ones via video intercom technology.

How do you make a portable wall?

Our collapsible portable insulated panels are made from strong, high-quality materials. The lightweight aluminium frames are reinforced with several layers of high-density thermal insulation. The result is a panel that can withstand up to 200 kilograms of pressure per panel while also protecting your patients from the sun and the cold.
You’ll immediately notice that our panels are not just strong but can be easily rolled out or folded up into place for transport or storage. This is because they are designed to collapse to five times their length without damaging them in any way.
With our unique inflated inner tube technology, every panel features an airtight seal between the aluminium frame and its outer layer of 1.5mm PE foam. This means that your patients will still feel the same amount of air conditioning from your portable wall as they would from a conventional, single-zone wall. This is because they won’t loose any air flow in a closed room.
These durable panels are also made in a variety of sizes to suit most any purpose, no matter how small or vast the space you need to insulate yourself into.
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Finally, if you own or work for a company that is looking to outsource their next project, such as portable walls or insulation, look no further than us for your next project. Our freelancer owners successfully complete orders of all sizes and we’ll do our best to find the perfect owners for your particular job.

How much is a portable wall?

Many portable walls in the market is made of pure aluminium and painted in different colours. You can also see some double-sided aluminium panels. Our unique, patented and patent-pending method is to produce an aluminium portable wall in a way that makes it strong and can withstand high pressure with a very light weight. We have not only put many layers of material but also glued our panels together. While the cost may be more expensive, it also allows us to offer you a wall which can stay intact under high pressure. Unlike other suppliers, we do not use excessive amount of glue which makes the wall weak and easy to get damaged easily.
We do not paint our aluminium portable wall. Some manufacturers do paint the walls to look different and attract their customers. But we don’t do that as we also want to save paint and make our wall eco-friendly. However, we still make sure that the colour inside is bright enough so you can see inside clearly.
Any kind of insulation could be made into a portable insulated wall: Foam, Polystyrene and XPS (Cross-linked polystyrene). The most common type of insulation used to make a portable insulated wall is foam because it has better insulation value than Polystyrene and XPS. As you can see, our aluminum portable wall is just like another single-zone wall. It provides the same amount of air conditioning to your room.
It is easy to transport or store because it can be folded into 5 times of its original size. The frame is very strong and made of aluminium. And this portable insulated wall has an airtight structure with no gaps. That is why it can allow better insulation than foam, Polystyrene or XPS walls on market today.

Are curtain walls insulated?

A curtain wall is made of glass, aluminum and concrete. The glass is the same as the one in your house’s window. The concrete is used to anchor the glass and keep its shape while aluminium frames are used to keep the glass in position. These materials can be chosen from a number of options including aluminium, steel and wood which all provide varying levels of insulation and thermal resistance. Interior finishes such as plasterboard, plywood and drywall can also be added for decoration or soundproofing purposes. The finishes are usually a more affordable option for some types of home due to the lack of insulation and thermal resistance, but also some have higher thermal resistance if the thickness of the finishes is considered. This is why it’s important to consider not only the wall’s thermal insulation value, but also how it affects your room aesthetics.

How does a portable wall compare with a ‘zoned’ wall?

I have been in the construction industry for over 25 years and have seen many different types of portable walls. Although the products may vary, I have found that there are usually two types of portable walls on the market – single wall and double wall. Single wall is made of one layer of thick foam, Polystyrene or XPS. Double wall is made of two layers – the inner layer is the same thick foam, Polystyrene or XPS while the outer one is a thin layer to make it more appealing. These are all made in many different sizes, some can even be customised to suit your need.
Some portable insulated walls are designed to make you think they are actually double-zone walls while they are not. These are usually made in two colours – one inside and then one outside. You can see that these walls are only single-layer walls, not double-layer. Also, the thickness of the layer is different. The thick layer in these walls is usually thicker than our double-layer wall because it is meant to make your room look like a double-zone wall when it’s not.
For example, if you look at the membrane on our portable insulated wall, you will notice that there are two layers – thinner inner layer and thicker outer one. These layers are glued together by a special glue that makes the wall very durable and strong. This method is only used in our portable insulated wall and not any other one on the market.
Some portable insulated walls do not have any layer at all. Their structure is different from our double-layer wall. They are double-sided wall panels with a thin piece of foam, Polystyrene or XPS on both sides. While the look is pretty much the same as a double-zone wall, they do not actually provide you with double air conditioning because there is no inner layer. When you close these walls, it doesn’t really change the temperature much in your room because what happens is that it just reduces airflow without making your room airtight. You can still see a slight change in temperature on the other side of the room but not much.
These types of portable insulated wall are usually very light. But they are more expensive than our double-layer wall because their price is based on the size of the panels which you have to assemble yourself. You have to spend extra money to hire a professional installer or do it yourself if you want this kind of wall in your house.
Just so you know, double-zone walls on a built house is a lot different from portable walls. If you are interested, you can read more about it on our blog.

How much do portable insulated walls cost?

The price of portable insulated wall depends on what you want to use it for. You can choose from various types of materials. Most of them are made of aluminium but there are also steel, wood and XPS accessories available for sale. The prices are usually different depending on the type of material used to make your wall and the number of panels you purchase. Some manufacturers even offer different colours to choose from. Some can be customised with other parts depending on your need so these costs will vary accordingly..
You can look for sample door and window options we have on the site. The prices we have shown on our doors and windows are just a rough estimate. The prices depend on the size of the panels, your size and what you want to use them for. You can contact us to get more accurate price as well as customisation options.
There are many different types of portable insulated walls for you to choose from now. Whether you want environmentally friendly wall or just need them to keep your house warmer during winter, there is something suitable for your needs. Just feel free to contact us with any questions about our products or any other related products that you may be interested in..

Can I add aluminium to my portable insulated wall?

Yes, you can add aluminium to your wall. Just like other materials, the amount of aluminium depends on what you need it for. Most of our walls are just single layer walls made of Polystyrene or XPS. However, there are some double-layer wall panels available that have aluminium frames in them. The thickness of the aluminum will depend on its usage. If you choose to use our double-layer wall panels with aluminum frames in them, it is recommended that you do not align all the seams properly because they are too thick for this purpose. XPS panels are better for this. Also, do not install them with a metal adhesive because it will not be strong enough to hold the walls in place.
If you need a larger amount of aluminium in your wall, you can choose a steel frame from our products or add aluminium sheets to your wall. Just make sure that you purchase something that has been treated to prevent any corrosion or rusting when it is in contact with moisture.
If you want an even stronger solution, please contact us and we can provide a more suitable solution for your needs.

While both portable and built double-zone walls look the same, the process of how they work is completely different. The difference is in their structure and material.
If you need a portable double-zone wall, I hope this post will help you understand the differences between single and double layer portable insulated wall. 
It will help you avoid paying for something that you do not need. The process of buying a double-zone wall is already confusing enough. So try to be careful when choosing what to buy and where to buy it from and I hope that this blog post will help you make a better decision if you are planning to buy one..