Soundproofing is not as easy as it might sound, especially when you start to think about all of the different ways sound can be transmitted. But there is one great way to stop noise from getting in and out of a space — and that’s with egg cartons.

Don’t believe us? Once you see the steps we provide below, we hope you will!

Soundproofing is a great way to cut down on the noise that travels from one place to another. You might have a noisy neighbor that keeps you up at night or you may even want to consider soundproofing your home. Regardless of why you want to soundproof, an egg carton can be a great resource for this process. They can lessen the sound by plugging up certain areas and they are an inexpensive solution as well!

The first step is finding an egg carton that will do the trick for you. Make sure the carton is the correct size and shape for your room. It should be big enough to fit behind or around closed doors and windows, but not so large that it will be blocking all of your light and air flow.

Next, poke two holes in the carton — just one — no matter where you put it. You can use a pencil or a knife to poke the holes in, but we recommend using a needle because it is much quicker and makes less mess.

Next, choose exactly where to put your egg carton. You can place it on a table or on a shelf, but keep in mind that the carton will need to fit behind the objects you want it to block out. In most cases, you will want to cover up any existing outlets as well as any switches.

Finally, tape the carton down to those places where you’ve marked those holes with your needle or pencil. It is a good idea to glue down your carton with a product like Tacky Glue.

In the end, you should have a more peaceful home and a better night’s sleep!

Why do egg cartons absorb sound?

Before we get into how an egg carton can work as a sound absorber, let’s try to understand how sound absorption actually works in the first place.

Sound is something that we cannot see or feel, but we can still hear it. Sound travels by air vibrations and these affect our ears and create a sound wave. Sound absorption occurs when a surface, usually a solid object, takes the energy from this wave and prevents it from travelling any further. This means that your ears no longer receive the sound waves which ultimately means silence!

How do egg cartons absorb sound?

Now you might be wondering exactly how an egg carton can absorb these vibrations of air to create silence in your environment.

Looking at how an egg carton works can help us understand exactly. Egg cartons are basically made out of paperboard and come in different sizes, shapes, and colors. They are also generally used to wrap packages or other types of materials.

The way that an egg carton works is that the outer layer of paperboard is protected by a layer of plastic which is enclosed by an inner layer of paper. This makes the egg carton appear as if it has three layers to it when you cut it open.

Are egg boxes really effective for soundproofing?

The first thing that you need to understand is that it only takes a few square inches of paperboard to absorb a lot of noise. This means that a single egg carton can really do the trick if you place them properly.

Think about how an egg carton works as an acoustic absorber. The outer layer of paperboard absorbs air vibrations and reflects those vibrations back towards your ears as sound waves, which ends up stopping the sound from travelling at all!

How many square inches does it take to absorb sound?

By stacking three layers of egg cartons on top of each other, you can create the perfect acoustic barrier for blocking out unwanted noise and creating silence in your home or office space. This will mean that you can get a much needed morning or evening sleep!

The bottom layer of the egg carton will need to be fixed to the floor. This should be fixed in place using tape or even glue if you want to make sure it stays put. The other two layers should then be fixed on top of this bottom layer with more tape or glue. It is a good idea to stagger these layers so they do not all sit on top of each other, but instead have a small space in between them so the entire structure works together as a whole.

Does a larger pack of egg cartons work better?

As we mentioned above, three layers of egg cartons are usually good enough for most soundproofing needs. However, there may be certain cases where you may want to build a more advanced structure depending on your needs.

For example, if you have a lot of noise from a busy street or from a noisy neighbor, you might need to use even more layers of egg cartons. If this is the case, it is best to stack them in multiple columns so they can absorb sound from every direction.

Is it possible to use egg carton without glue or tape?

Although it is not recommended that you build your acoustic absorber without using any glue or tape at all, there is one great option that you might want to consider using. This would be recycled egg cartons.

Recycled egg cartons are egg cartons that have been made out of different materials. They are usually made out of paper, plastic, organic fibre, and organic starch. This means they might absorb more sound depending on their composition. As long as they are not brand new cartons though, they will probably still work great!

If you want to switch up your soundproofing method or are trying to save some money, you can build an acoustic absorber using recycled egg carton instead of other expensive materials like foam or wool.

Different egg carton types

There are two different types of egg cartons, which are the oval egg carton and the rectangular egg carton. As you can tell by the name of these two types of egg cartons, they differ in their general shape. However, their basic structure is similar in every other way. This means that they will still absorb sound effectively no matter what type you use!

This does mean that if you were to stack them on top of each other, you would get a slightly different result depending on whether or not your egg cartons were rectangular or oval shaped. Make sure you consider this while building your next acoustic absorber!

How do you soundproof a room with egg cartons?

There are several ways in which you can build an egg carton acoustic absorber, but regardless of how you choose to construct yours, your egg cartons will be the key to blocking out unwanted noise in your home or office.

The first step when building an egg carton soundproofing method is to cut out some cardboard. This will be the bottom layer in your acoustic absorber so it needs to be strong enough to handle any shocks or movement that may occur when you’re using it.

Next, you will need to cut out some egg crates from the second layer of your egg carton. These are typically made out of paper, plastic, organic fibre and organic starch for this reason. The second layer of the egg carton should also be the outer layer of your acoustic absorber, which means it will take in air vibrations and reflect them back towards your ears, which leads to silence!

Finally, you will need to cut out some cardboard for the final layer on top of your egg cartons. This will act as extra protection against any shocks or jarring that might occur while you’re soundproofing. It is also important that this layer is fixed on with glue or tape so it stays put over time.

How do I soundproof my place for a party?

Anyone who has ever thrown a party can tell you that your soundproofing needs to be taken care of before the party even starts! If you do not soundproof your space for a party, then you may end up with unnecessary noise interruptions during the evening or night that will ruin the fun. There are several ways to build an egg carton acoustic absorber to take care of this problem, but it all depends on what type of party you are having.

One way is to use egg crate style egg cartons for this purpose. Egg crates are made out of paper, plastic, organic fibre and organic starch so they will definitely work well in this situation. If you are planning to use this for a large gathering, it is best to use more than one layer of egg crates so you can block out different types of noise.

Another way to build an egg carton soundproofing method is to use the traditional base of the egg box, but instead of using cardboard for your base layer, you would want to use some foam or wool. This will act as an additional layer of protection that will help protect your acoustic absorber from any shocks that may occur during the party.

Conclusion: Egg Carton for Soundproofing...OR NOT

As we mentioned above, there is a lot of misinformation out in the world about egg cartons and how they can be used to create a better soundproofing in your home or office. It is not recommended that you use them without glue or tape at all and it is not the best idea to make an entire structure out of them. However, if you want to switch things up and try something new, you can always use recycled egg cartons instead!