Review Of UltraTouch Denim Blue Jean Insulation And Installation Basics

The UltraTouch Denim Blue Jean Insulation and Installation Basics for Professionals post will provide a review of the insulation, installation, and care tips for this light weight insulation. The post will cover the following topics: -The difference between denim blue insulation and regular denim insulation -The benefits of denim blue insulation versus traditional insulation -How … Read more

How Well Does Denim Insulation Work?

Denim insulation is a popular selling point in winter jackets. It’s meant to keep your body temperature warm, or at least it is when you’re wearing it. However, denim does not always insulate well and its effectiveness may vary depending on the person’s body temperature. Despite this many consumers are still asking if denim insulation … Read more

Is Denim Insulation Any Good?

One of the hottest trends in home building is to use denim insulation. It’s made from recycled jeans that are shredded into thin strips, then mixed with cellulose to create a material that is soft yet durable. This new insulating material has become popular because it can be rolled out for easy installation, which makes … Read more

Is Denim Insulation Better than Fiberglass?

Denim insulation is a type of material used to decrease the heat transfer from the home’s exterior, and it has been widely used in Europe due to its natural properties. However, a study found that denim insulation may be less energy efficient than fiberglass insulation. Though this information will be of use to homeowners who … Read more

The Benefits of Recycled Denim Insulation

Much more than a fashion statement, denim insulation is a necessity for many homeowners. Comprised of recycled jeans that have been torn into small pieces and then treated with borax, the fibers inside the insulation provide better soundproofing noise, as well as protection from property damage due to fire. Not only that, but the recycled … Read more

Denim Insulation Pros & Cons – Is it Right for You?

Denim insulation is a construction material that uses denim to create a dense, breathable insulating layer of material between two layers of EPS. This insulation has been developed to mitigate the effects of ongoing climate change and extreme weather. Denim insulation is typically used in homes close to natural environments where exterior walls are prone … Read more

Is Cork Good for Soundproofing?

Is cork good for soundproofing? The fact is, the material rubs against the inner side of the wall and transfers vibrations away from your music system. If you want to be sure that your system will give you a clear sound, then you should go with a dense foam. But even if you do, you … Read more

Reasons For Using A Cork Underlayment

Building a home is an adventure that can be both fun and rewarding, but it does come with challenges. You need to make sure you are installing all the right parts of your home, like drywall, insulation, flooring, etc. If you are not familiar with how to correctly install cork underlayment on the subflooring of … Read more

Why Cork is the Ultimate Flooring Underlayment

Cork flooring is an excellent option for homes, schools, offices, and other types of buildings. The cork underlayment offers many benefits that you won’t find with competing materials like carpet and wood. Although the most environmentally friendly flooring option available is eco-friendly bamboo and not cork, it’s still a good option. And while the cost … Read more