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Sound Screen Windshield Replacement

If you’ve ever been hearing a noise from your car engine, it could be because your windshield needs to be replaced. The sound is coming from the windshield, which typically means it’s cracked or broken. Windshield...

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SoundScreen Acoustic Windshield?

Have you ever been driving on an interstate and, as soon as you passed a big rig with a loud diesel engine, the whole interior of your car shakes? You wish it didn’t shake, but that truck is driving ahead of you and it doesn’t...

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Acoustic Windshields

The sound barrier has been shatter. With the development of fiber-optic and electromagnetic technology, engineering is constantly progressing in ways that allow us to push the barriers, but these technologies cannot be applied...

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SoundScreen Acoustic Glass

This blog post will be about SoundScreens Acoustic Glass, a soundproofing glass sheet that is made using the latest 3D printing technology. After reading this blog post you’ll be able to decide if it’s suitable for...

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New Car Tires Making Noise

This has been a year of new cars. With the large number of new models on the market, it seems like every time you turn the ignition key, there’s another one waiting to be driven. In fact, car manufacturers have been...

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