Refrigerator – Normal Sounds and Noises Made

The noise of the refrigerator may sound like it’s just turning on, but actually normal refrigerator sounds come in a few different forms. These different sounds can be caused by various parts of the refrigeration system. When you’re shopping for a new fridge or want to know exactly what these sounds can mean, here are … Read more

Problems With Knocking Noise in My Refrigerator

The refrigerator in my kitchen has been making a sustained and very loud knocking noise every three seconds for the past few days. I’m wondering what is causing this knocking sound and if there is anything that I can do about it. I have looked around online and haven’t found anything specific on this type … Read more

Refrigerator Problems Shuddering Noise

There is a common refrigerator noise that can be heard in homes and apartments. This noise sounds like an engine running and is only audible when the microwave or appliance is on standby. The general belief about this noise has been it’s caused by the refrigerator’s compressor. But some newer refrigerators have had complaints of … Read more

Common Refrigerator Problems and How to Fix Them

All kidding aside, refrigerator troubles are one of the most common household problems. There are four major areas of concern when it comes to fridges – freezer is too cold, freezer is too warm or not enough air circulation, fridge is not getting cold enough or has mold growing on the ice tray, and there … Read more

️Strange Fridge Noises: What They Mean

The sound of something falling inside your refrigerator can be all kinds of bizarre and potentially scary. The noise may sound as if your food is falling out, or it could just as easily be a clanging or crunching noise. Whatever the case, it seems like there is a fridge horror story behind this peculiar … Read more

Fridge Freezer Is Making Noise

If your refrigerator is making an unusual noise, it could be that the motor for the compressor is failing. It’s not uncommon to see older or less expensive models start to display this issue after anywhere from 6 to 12 years. This blog post will help you narrow down if your fridge needs to have … Read more

How to Fix a Refrigerator That Is Making Noise

A nasty refrigerator that makes noise is the difference between a functional and a dysfunctional appliance and one that can lead to long-term damage, such as lower efficiency. Fortunately, there are several things you can do to fix noise problems in your refrigerator. This post features how to take care of your appliances, what makes … Read more

Are My Refrigerator Noises Normal?

If you’ve ever been curious as to whether or not your refrigerator is just making weird noises for no reason, you’re in luck. Refrigerators are complicated pieces of machinery, and sometimes they make weird noises. But don’t worry…don’t stop reading though! There is hope. Refrigerators make all sorts of noise – some you can identify … Read more

How to Silence a Noisy Refrigerator

The refrigerator is a very useful appliance that does an excellent job of keeping food fresh. Unfortunately, refrigerators have a tendency to make noise. The sound can be annoying, even if it’s only somewhat loud during the day. Here are some methods you can try to help decrease the noise levels in your refrigerator so … Read more

Why Is My Refrigerator Buzzing?

All refrigerators produce some sort of noise. The buzzing sound is caused by the refrigerator’s compressor, which removes heat from the interior of your fridge and circulates it with coils around the appliance. Most commonly, a buzzing sound means: 1) The compressor is beginning to wear out and needs to be replaced or serviced; 2) … Read more