Boom Mat Spray Review is a website that offers a wealth of information about paint protection products.

The first thing you’ll notice on their website, are the creative videos showcasing the features and benefits of Boom Mat Spray Products. There are 7 different products in all, including 2 for tires and 5 for your vehicle. Watch as paint shines with lustrous reflection or as tough-looking dirt just wipes right off with ease. The next thing you’ll find is a gallery of before & after photos, providing eye-opening proof that these products work! Clicking any one photo will give you more information about the specific application process used to achieve the outstanding results shown in each image.

I’m sure you’re wondering about the benefits of using “Boom Mat” and why it’s different from other paint protection products. According to a company spokesperson, the secret lies in the proprietary spray formula. It not only protects vehicles from damaging UV rays, but it also prevents harmful moisture from getting in and causing premature rust. When you consider that almost 80% of all rust is caused by moisture, you can begin to see why this product is so effective. It also helps to keep dirt off your vehicle, as well as bugs and wasps that like to target your vehicle’s grills and lights for an easy meal! This doesn’t mean you can forget about washing your car though… just spray some “Boom Mat” on your vehicle and start scrubbing. It’s that easy.

So How Does boom mat spray it Work?

Each product is formulated to work in a specific way, and directions are provided for each application. For example, you are instructed to thoroughly wash your car before applying [1]Spray Sealant, [2]Restore All-In-One Gloss Enhancer or [3]Quik Wax, which is manufactured by the same company that makes SnS Extreme Shine Wax & Spray Detailer.. While the instructions for applying all of these products are simple, users should know they will get best results when they follow them closely. Paint that has dried out is more susceptible to damage from bug bites, road debris and the elements. The instructions are very clear about this.

The Unique Benefits of using Boom Mat Spray Products

As the name indicates, all products in this line are spray on, instead of rub on. This makes for a quick and easy application. The low viscosity formula allows it to easily conform to the irregular surface of your vehicle without dripping or causing messes. In addition, you can easily see where you have sprayed, so there’s no need to fear missing spots during application.

How good is boom mat?

Boom Mat is a spray on, paint sealant that works to repel dirt while protecting and sealing the paint with an extra layer. That means it doesn’t just protect your vehicle from UV damage, but from harmful moisture as well. The result is a glossy, protected paint surface that looks like it was freshly applied.

Boom Mat Spray was formulated with a proprietary ingredients to work in a way that other spray on products cannot. That means it works within the first two weeks, before the damage already done to your vehicle’s paint can be amplified by the effects of weather and sunlight. You can buy Boom Mat Spray Products at the official Boom Mat website, and get free shipping on orders over $99.

What does Boom Mat do?

Boom Mat is a spray on paint sealant that repels dirt and bugs while protecting your vehicle’s paint from the damaging effects of UV rays. That means you get all the benefits of washing your car without having to actually wash it! It also keeps harmful moisture from getting into the pores of your paint, giving you a glossy, protected surface with UV protection for two months.

Boom Mat’s proprietary ingredients were formulated to work in a way that other spray on products cannot. That means it works within the first two weeks, before the damage already done to your vehicle’s paint can be amplified by the effects of weather and sunlight.

Some stitchers didn’t like the idea of having to apply another product on top of their existing wax. However, all Boom Mat Spray Products are designed to work with existing waxes and sealants, or can be used on their own. So if you were using Quick Wax before, you would have to re-apply it over Boom Mat.

Will boom mat work for my car?

Boom Mat Spray Products does not work with all cars. However, if you have a car that is susceptible to UV rays and is heavily textured, then this product will work for you. The manufacturer website has pics of all the vehicles they have tested the product on, and gives you instructions on how to determine whether or not it will work on your vehicle.

What is the Return Policy on Boom Mat Products?

If you are not satisfied with these products for any reason, simply return them in the same unopened and unused condition within 60 days of purchase, and you will get a full 100% refund. However, this doesn’t apply to opened or used bottles.

How much does boom mat cost?

Boom Mat Spray Products are available in a four-pack value kit that includes a bottle of [1]Spray Sealant and three bottles of [2]Restore All-In-One Gloss Enhancer. A single bottle of each retails for $29.99, with free shipping included (a 20% savings).

Can I use other brands of spray waxes with Boom Mat?

Yes. Some people prefer to stay away from other products that contain silicones but they can still be used with the Boom Mat Spray Products. The only thing you need to be aware of is that the application process differs slightly between cases so make sure you follow the instructions carefully.
Boom Mat is recommended by automotive professionals, so you can count on it to do a great job on any vehicle type. It works really well on most late model vehicles because their paint is already factory protected.

We’ve included a few videos so you can see for yourself how great Boom Mat Spray is at protecting your vehicle’s paint. You’ll also hear from a professional detailing expert that will detail some of the other products in the line, so you know what to expect next time you detail your car.

How long does it take to clean my car using boom mat spray?

It takes only a few minutes to clean your car using Boom Mat Spray. It’s the same amount of time it takes to apply it, and also around the same amount of time it takes to wash and dry your vehicle.

Can I use boom mat on my truck?

Boom Mat Spray is specially formulated for trucks, so you can use it if you drive one. As long as the paint isn’t too old and dry it will work just fine on trucks. In fact, most of the vehicle owners that have used Boom Mat are trucks and SUVs. Some of those that use their product for every cleaning say that it works great for cars and SUVs as well. The reason why Boom Mat Spray didn’t work well with those vehicles is because they already had a good coat of wax on them, which prevents any other spray wax from working as efficiently as it normally does.

Does boom mat work on paintless dent removal?

Boom Mat Spray can be used on both auto and boat paint. Customers have reported that it works great on removing minor dents from their vehicle’s body. It’s recommended that you “work” the dent with the spray, which should cause the surface to become flexible enough so you can push the dent back out of your body panel. Some consumers have even used Boom Mat Spray to remove small paint chips. While it might not work as well as a professional touch up kit, this product will definitely cover up any blemishes in your paint job until you get it taken care of for real by a professional.

Can I remove scratches from my vehicle using boom mat spray?

Boom Mat Spray is not recommended for heavy duty scratches. This is because the scratches are usually deep and require a professional touch up kit to remove them. While the manufacturer hasn’t specifically recommended against using Boom Mat Spray for removing small scratches, they have warned that it might not work as well as you would expect, so you’re better off leaving that task to the professionals.

Can I use boom mat on vinyl?

Boom Mat Spray can be used on all finishes, provided they can withstand temperatures of 200 degrees. Vinyl is one such material that meets these requirements and can be used with other spray wax products.

Boom Mat Spray Reviews – Does it Really Work?

We’ve read a lot of customer reviews and testimonials on the internet regarding Boom Mat Spray. We’ve included a few below so you can see for yourself how effective this product is:

“This stuff works great. Its not like a magic way to keep your car looking new forever, but it does give my automotive paint job a nice shine and adds some protection from the sun. My car always looks good after I use it.” – Brandon C.

So, does Boom Mat Spray work? Yes it does. It has all the necessary ingredients to protect your car’s body and paintwork from fading and other damages caused by the sun. It also adds a brilliant shine that shows off your vehicle’s true beauty. Overall, if you’re looking for a foam that can do wonders to your car, then Boom Mat is what you should go for.

The Verdict

Boom Mat Spray is one of those products that will give your car a new look. It even comes with an in-depth instruction manual, so you won’t have any trouble with applying it or drying it off afterwards.

So, what are you waiting for? If you’re looking for a new method to keep your vehicle looking good forever, then make sure you get yourself a bottle of Boom Mat Spray today! You won’t be disappointed.