Best Oil Additive to Quiet Lifters

Lifters are very prevalent in cars. They can grate and squeak, especially at higher RPMs. In addition to being super annoying, these sound effects can make your car seem like it’s in worse condition than it really is. Luckily there’s an easy way to stop lifters from making noise: oil additives. This post will introduce you to the best oil additives that reduce lifter noise and lead to smoother operation of your engine. So if you want a quiet ride, read on!

The Sound Of Lifters

Lifters are small, rubber pieces inside an engine that support a camshaft. They’re responsible for mixing oil and air to create a smooth and efficient power stroke. That means lifters make noise as they rub against the camshaft. The sound varies. Some lifters have a squeaky sound; others have a dull scraping noise, like the kind you might hear from your car’s brakes when it idles.

If you want to keep your lifters from making noise, you need to find an effective oil additive. Best Oil Additive Company has reviewed some of the best oil additives that are available in stores, so you can buy the right one for your car.

How Oil Affects Lifters

Lifters exist in an air tight seal with the camshaft. Without oilers, their rubber rings would soon wear down and cease to function. The goal is to ensure smooth lifter operation while at the same time preventing squeaks and scratches on your engine. The best oil additives don’t just mask lifter noises; they keep them smooth as well.

The problem with squeaky lifter noises is that they can damage your motor. The lifters may make your engine feel or run rougher than it really is. So trying to cover these sounds with oil additives won’t help you; in fact, adding oil additives might not do much for you at all.

Lean Vs. Rich Mixtures

Lifters work best when there’s plenty of oil in the power stroke. So many engines are tuned to make full power at about 10-12 psi of oil pressure, which isn’t enough for lifters to work efficiently. The result is that your car will have a sharp power stroke. That results in lifters whining at higher RPMs as the cams try to squeeze out more power.

The solution? Tune your car’s mixture to run a little leaner. If you add oil additives, you’ll want to maintain that rich mixture.

Best Oil Additives For Quiet Lifters On The Market

  • AMSOIL Z-Rod Synthetic 0W-20 – AMSOIL has been around for decades, and it’s one of the most trusted names in oil additives. The synthetic Z-Rod is a great choice for lifter noise. It’s a long-life oil additive that keeps your engine and lifters clean, smooth, and quiet.
  • Pennzoil Ultra 5W-30 – Pennzoil has been supplying cars with top quality engines for decades. They make an oil additive that’s good for lifters and your engine as well. The Ultra 5W-30 contains the same few ingredients as other Pennzoil oil additives like their High Mileage and Cartex Pro syn oils – just in smaller quantities to keep costs down.
  • Motorcraft Short-Fall – Motorcraft is another big name in oil additives. Their Super Duty 5W-30 Performance Oil Additive is a special blend that’s good for lifters because it was engineered specifically to perform well at higher temperatures.
  • Motorcraft Ultra 5W-30 Synthetic – Motorcraft makes some of the best oil additives in the business. The Ultra 5W-30 Synthetic offers the performance benefits of their other oils, plus they also added their latest technology to create a better down draft additive for lifters.

Car Oil Additive Reviews For Quiet Lifters

1. Amsoil Z-Rod

The Amsoil Z-Rod is a blend of synthetic base oils and a specialized lubricant. It’s made to last longer than conventional oil additives. Amsoil uses the AMSOIL z-Nano formula in this oil additive, because it’s specifically designed to address lifter noise. They use a special additive that they claim has remained effective up to 1200 hours of endurance testing.

The Z-Rod is very effective at quieting lifters. It doesn’t just mask the noise; it also keeps them smooth and free from grinding or squeaking. That’s why it’s one of the top oil additives for quiet lifters.

The Amsoil Z-Rod comes in a 20w-30 weight, which is slightly lighter than most other oils. It also features the AMSOIL logo on the bottle. So if you want to show your pride for Amsoil’s great products, this product is one you should consider buying.

2. Pennzoil Ultra 5W-30 Short Falls

Pennzoil Ultra 5W-30 Short Falls isn’t a synthetic oil, but it does contain an additive that’s designed to work well with synthetic oils – which are better for lifters than conventional oils. The Ultra 5W-30 is designed to work in high temperature environments. That means it’s good for hot climates or engines that go when the weather turns cold. It also helps prevent gas by-products from forming in your engine.

The Ultra 5W-30 comes in a 30 weight. So you can choose what’s best for your vehicle and budget. The Ultra 5W-30 is less expensive than most other Pennzoil products, so you can invest that money into other parts of your car instead of oil additives. Plus the car performs better with this oil additive, which makes it one of the top oil additives for quiet lifters on the market today as well.

3. Motorcraft Ultra 5W-30 Synthetic

Motorcraft Ultra 5W-30 Synthetic is another oil additive from Motorcraft. The Ultra 5W-30 also helps prevent gasses from forming inside your engine. That means it helps help keep your engine running smoothly and free from different defects. It’s also good for helping prevent wear and tear on your lifters over time as well.

Since it’s more affordable than other oils, you get a lot more for the money with this oil additive; it’s definitely one of the top awards for quiet lifters on the market today!

4. Motorcraft Short Falls (Five Star)

Motorcraft’s Five Star is another quiet lifter additive from Motorcraft. Like the Ultra, this oil additive helps prevent gass by-products from forming in your engine. It also helps prevent future wear and tear on your lifters over time. That’s why it’s one of the top car oil additives for quiet lifters today!

The Five Star is available at a great price; it’s actually one of the cheaper Motorcraft oil additives you can buy. That makes it a great value that you should consider purchasing if you want to give yourself some extra savings without giving up on quality as well.

5. Castrol Syntec 5W-30 Fully Synthetic Racing Oil Additive

This oil additive is designed to improve your performance. It’s one of the best engine oil additives for quieting lifters because it keeps them smooth while also improving performance at high temperatures. The Castrol Syntec 5W-30 Racing Oil Additive works with synthetic oils to help your engine run smoothly and quietly, so it’s definitely one of the best oil additives you can find for curing lifter noise!

Oil additives are important as a maintenance tool for cars. They can keep your motor running smoothly and free from defects, which means they’re good for your engine. They also keep your car quiet by keeping the lifters clean and smooth. That means you won’t have to worry about squeaking or squealing, so you can relax and enjoy the ride.

So if you don’t want to hear lifter noise in your engine, pick up one of these awesome oil additives today!

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