If you are a car lover, it is essential to consider using spray-on sound deadening. But what it is and what can it do for your car? To give you a glimpse of it, sound-deadening spray refers to the automotive product that you can apply to the inside of vehicles. It is used to dampen vibration and noise. Aside from cars, the sound deadening spray can also be used in other applications, including air transportation units, homes, and buildings. Using this automotive product offers a lot of benefits which will be discussed further in this article.

What are the Features of Sound Deadening Spray?

Spray on sound deadening comes in a wide range of sizes and colors. This is good news for car enthusiasts who are very particular about the interiors of their car. Through these options, drivers and car owners can blend these products in with the vehicle’s interior. The sound-deadening spray also had different types. Its versatility makes it ideal for almost any kind of vehicle. When you use spray-on sound deadening, it creates a soundproof barrier directly on the surface it is applied.

Here are the different types of sound-deadening spray that you can use in your car:

  • DampRid™ Full Strength Part A
  • Hushmat™
  • Spray-Max™ 527 Low-Density Acoustic Foam Insulation

How to Measure Sound Deadening Performance

It is vital to measure the performance of the sound deadening you installed in your car. You can do it by applying a two-part test to a sound-absorbing material. After that, the results will be analyzed for sound absorption and reduction of outside noise. For example, you can measure the sound deadening performance by doing the following: 

A – The weight of a material is applied directly on top of the product to be tested, and its weight is measured when it passes through.

B – An appropriate amount of the material used to measure the weight is put into an anechoic chamber which measures sound absorption.

The Benefits of Using Spray-On Sound Deadening

Some car owners overlook the significance of sound deadening when in fact, it gives the following benefits:

  • Creates long-lasting solution to a noise problem and which works from a distance of up to 12 feet
  • Helps the car to run better
  • Increases the car’s efficiency
  • Insulates areas that are too hidden or tiny to install a mat
  • Protects a vehicle from rust, salt, and corrosion
  • Reduces sound and vibration produced by mechanical and engine noises

Spray on sound deadening is an essential automotive that can provide many benefits to you and your car. Not only does it increase your car’s efficiency, but it also protects your vehicle from different kinds of elements. When installing sound deadening to your car, it is crucial to understand that it is not used for soundproofing since it does not block out noise. What it does is denoise the area around the car. If you want to use sound deadening spray, it can be applied by a professional since an abrasive material is needed to remove any surface irregularities.